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Up Summit Drone Light Show

Up Summit 500 Drone Show

FlyLight Drone Show’s partnered with Verge Aero to create a one-of-a-kind drone show showcasing the growth and development of technology. The Up Summit is an annual conference held at invite only for Investors and entrepreneurs. The 2023 UP Summit was held in West Lake, Texas.

The drone light show was one of the many fascinating areas of technology being displayed. In addition to the light show, Space X Rockets and personal use experimental quad-copters could be seen.

The Drone Show was a first for UP Summit, and we fit in well with the other techno-geeks excited to see a glimpse into the future.


Benefits of a Drone Show

Not only can you bring people together to experience something new, but you can share an idea. Imagine telling a story as complex as the changes in technology throughout time, then concluding the show with your custom logo. The possibilities are endless with Drone displays.

Our Team of designers are based out of Austin, Texas. They are pixel artists who specialize in 3d animation and creating outstanding drone art. All of work is client selected or approved. We take the time to make sure your drone show will live on in memories and get shared on social media. Drone Displays are at the forefront of entertainment, but did you know that drone shows can be a clever marketing and branding tool? People truly dislike being advertised to, but they love unique experiences and being entertained. Our artists can take your brand identity and subtly reiterate it throughout the show. Simple things like using your brand colors, taking an abstract approach to your mission statement, and using your logo in unexpected ways.


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