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We’ve gathered our most common inquiries and answered them below, ensuring you’re never left in the dark about our services. If your question isn’t answered here, don’t fret; we’re just a click away!

For the newbies: What’s a drone light show all about?

Great question (because we asked it)! Think of a canvas in the sky, painted by drones fitted with radiant LED lights. They form patterns, tell stories, evoke emotions, and create unforgettable experiences. Like your childhood nightlight, but cooler and outside.

How soon should we start planning our drone light show?

The sooner, the better! While we can bring a show to life within a week, more notice lets us refine and perfect every captivating detail. Dial 817-704-0246 to check our availability.

What visuals can the drones create?

The sky’s the limit! From company logos to mesmerizing patterns and even written messages to animated characters, our drones are here to paint your dreams in the sky.

Can we add some music or narration to the drone choreography?

Absolutely! Whether it’s music, voiceovers, added lights, or fireworks, we can integrate it into the show. Any other ideas? We want to be the first.

I want my own custom show. How do we make it happen?

Customization is our forte. We’ll start with brainstorming, draft a storyboard, and upon your nod, give life to your vision. Not feeling artsy? No worries. Our creative team will conjure a skyward story that resonates with your message and mesmerizes your audience.

Flylight Drones is a trusted partner in innovative, boundary-pushing aerial storytelling.

That’s not a question! But we’ll let it slide.

Are things covered, insurance-wise?

Yes, we’re covered by a comprehensive aviation liability policy. Your trust is paramount, and we ensure it’s well-placed.

Is this all legit and safe?

Proudly so! We’re among the elite with the green light for drone ballets in the USA. Certified pilots, top-notch drones, and stringent safety measures make every show a secure spectacle.

Raincheck for bad weather?

Drones prefer clear skies. Heavy rain or winds above 20 MPH, and we’ll need to reschedule

What keeps things safe and sound during the show?

Staying in tune with FAA guidelines, seeking airspace permissions, and ensuring every drone dances within a 400-feet altitude, our commitment is to ensure safety while delivering an awe-inspiring experience.

How much space is required for a drone light show?

Our drones love an audience, but from a distance. Let’s not let them hover over our heads. A foot of distance for every altitude foot is our guideline. For instance, 400 feet up in the sky means the crowd should be 400 feet away.

What’s the drone count for an awe-inspiring show?

100 drones can start the magic, but for a full-blown celestial dance? Aim for at least 150. Depending on your vision, you might want hundreds or just a handful. Let’s chat and we’ll tailor the numbers to your dream show.

What begins with T, ends with T, and has T in it?


How long do these luminous performances last?

Our drones love to shine for up to 16 minutes, based on the show’s intricacy. However, sky-watchers often adore a show lasting anywhere from 8-10 minutes.

Set-up time onsite the day of the big show?

Typically? 1-2 hours. But the duration can vary based on the show’s grandeur.

Budget for a night under the drone-lit sky?

This celestial experience can vary in price—it all depends on your vision. Reach out directly at 817-704-0246 or shoot an email to for a customized quote.

Water-side drone ballet, possible?

Absolutely! Just ensure Mother Nature is in a good mood.

Behind the curtain: How does this drone magic unfold?

Imagine a symphony of drones dancing to a pre-set rhythm, their LED lights painting the night. A master computer system conducts this skyward ballet, ensuring each drone dances safely and syncs perfectly with its partners.

What can you hold without ever touching it?

A conversation. Speaking of conversations (wow, what a segue), we’d be happy to hear from you at


Sometimes, the sky holds more mysteries than answers. If you have a burning
question we haven’t addressed, don’t hesitate to let us know.