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Empowering stories to take flight, Flylight Drones revolutionizes how the world experiences visual storytelling. With industry-leading technology and boundless creativity, we transform the night sky into a canvas of captivating visuals, taking entertainment and branding to new heights. Every drone light show we design is meticulously programmed to deliver a truly unforgettable experience that elevates any event from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • K
    Kady Pearce
    6 months ago

    The show we saw was AMAZING! We were so impressed with this beautiful alternative to fireworks. Highly recommend!

  • A
    Amigo Party
    6 months ago

    The drones were so great for our event! The FlyLight team helped us create a show that really elevated our party. Will definitely be using them again.


The Flylight team is a collective of dreamers, engineers, artists, and storytellers, each bringing a unique blend of passion, expertise, and creativity. This diversity fuels our ability to tailor every drone light show to our client’s needs, ensuring precision-driven visuals that are nothing short of extraordinary. With a commitment to excellence and an eye for the spectacular, our team members are the unsung heroes behind each awe-inspiring show.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Noise Friendly
  • Scaled Visibility
  • Social Media Gold
  • Drew Schoffler
    Position: Elevation Expert- Account Manager
  • Andrew McDonald
    Andrew McDonald
    Position: Code Commander
  • Blake Stoltz
    Blake Stoltz
    Position: Chief Pilot
  • Matthew McDonald
    Position: Drone Pilot
  • Matt Hardin
    Matt Hardin
    Position: Drone Boss
  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams
    Position: Drone Pilot
  • Stephanie Allison
    Stephanie Allison
    Position: Frontier Finder
  • Kyle Bittiker
    Kyle Bittiker
    Position: Business Development Intern
  • Liz Yankanich
    Position: Account Manager


At Flylight, the variety of events we illuminate with our drones is as boundless as the night sky itself. From vibrant festivals that unite communities to electrifying sporting events that capture the thrill of competition, intimate weddings, and grand corporate galas, every occasion is an opportunity for us to shine. Our drones become narrators of each unique story, painting it with lights in the vastness of the sky. No matter the event, our drone light shows are designed to dazzle and inspire, creating moments that linger in memory long after the night fades. Every event is a canvas, let’s paint it with lights.


In partnership with Verge Aero, we’ve taken our unique American-made drone fleet to unparalleled heights. The synergy between our signature design ingenuity and Verge Aero’s best-in-class drone show technology enables us to create vibrant, precision-driven visuals. With the power of up to 900 lumen lights, the X1 Verge Aero drones utilize advanced GPS location capabilities creating simple precision during Aerial Drone Show displays and with extended performance powered by lipo batteries allowing for up to 16 minute flight times, so our drones maintain tighter flight formations. This collaboration pushes the boundaries of aerial storytelling, allowing us to offer fully customizable shows that are as vast and varied as our clients’ imaginations. Together, we’re setting the standard for drone events, building a legacy of innovation in the sky.


Collaboration is the engine that drives our storytelling skyward. We don’t just perform shows; we build relationships that lift us to new altitudes of creativity and performance. Our collaborations with industry leaders are the wind beneath our drones, elevating our offerings and ensuring every show is unforgettable. From synchronized drone light shows that captivate cities to intimate displays that touch hearts, our esteemed partners help us turn ambitious visions into vivid realities.

Feeling inspired ?

Let your aspirations take flight with Flylight Drones. Whether it’s a drone light show for a festival, a sporting event, or a personal celebration, we are poised to craft a skyline only you can dream of. With us, your next event will not just stand out; it will soar.