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Flylight Drones Illuminates the Sky at UT Football Game with Spectacular Drone Show!

Drone Display UT Austin

Austin, TX, November 24, 2023 – Flylight Drone Shows, our premium Drone Show company in Dallas, Texas, captivated over 100,000 fans at the DKR Texas Memorial Stadium with a groundbreaking drone display during the University of Texas (UT) football game against Texas Tech. The show, which featured dynamic animations and was synced with live music, left an unforgettable mark on the event.

The 4-minute show, which took place after the first quarter, saw the stadium’s atmosphere electrify as hundreds of drones took to the sky. The  choreographed drones formed various animations, including a Texas Longhorn, the state of Texas outline, and the beloved mascot Bevo. The highlight was an animation urging the crowd to “GET LOUD”, which swept through the audience in a wave of excitement.

About The Process

Blake Stoltz, our chief pilot of Flylight Drone Show, expertly managed the performance, while the creative vision was a collaborative effort between Mason Hayes, Trudy Grussinger, and our partner Verge Aero. This event marked another success in Flylight Drones’ impressive record of enhancing college football games with their innovative drone display technology.

The drone show was not only for the stadium crowd but also captivated an estimated 10.6 million viewers who tuned in to watch the game. The event was further elevated by a live performance from Django Walker, a Texas native singer-songwriter, who performed “Texas Longhorns” as the drones danced in the background.

This event comes at a significant time as UT enters its first-ever college football playoff, with Flylight Drone Show playing a role in boosting team spirit. “Our goal was to create an unforgettable experience for UT fans, students, and alumni. The reaction from the crowd was beyond our expectations, and we are thrilled to have contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of the game,” said Stoltz.

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Drone Light Show for The Longhorns

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