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Frequently Asked Questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for.

Due to battery life for each drone, shows can be up to on average 11 minutes. Multiple shows can be flown in one evening, but you will want to allow for 45 minutes for the crew to change out batteries and reset.

Drone shows are different from fireworks in a few ways, first, as they are priced per drone versus the length of the show. Recommended length of shows is average of 11 minutes. Second, drone light shows are an eco-friendly green alternative for outdoor entertainment, with very little associated noise. Drone Light Shows and Fireworks are similar in they require specific fall out distances, to avoid harm from a drone going rouge. On average you need approximately 400ft radius.

For custom shows, our designers will meet with you and discuss your vision for the show. A storyboard is developed, and upon approval we will design the show and provide a rendering which will give you an idea of what the show will look like. It is important that you are involved in the entire creative process so you can rest assure your custom drone light show will be exactly as you envisioned. Not creative? Do not worry, our team will help guide you through the design process. Important to note that custom designed shows can take up to 4 weeks.

75-100 drones are typically the minimum number of drones required for a show. The more drones flown in a show the animation can have more detail, depth and dimension.

All light shows will be flown in accordance with Part 107 and will never exceed 400′ AGL. The shows are capable of being seen 3 statue miles.

Show cost varies in price depending the number of drones, complexity of design and animation, location and the number of times as show is flown in one night.

Drone light shows, can take place in any location that allows for the proper clearance of 400ft radius. Shows cannot fly over people, moving car (open roads) or in restricted airspace. Airports and helipads sit in restricted airspace and special waivers have to be applied for in order to gain permission, requests can take up to 30 days.

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